A Much Needed Blogging Break...

Blogging Break.png

If you Google “Blogging Basics”, one of the things you’ll likely see is the importance of posting content consistently.  As content creators, we are constantly focused on our next post or article.  I have an editorial calendar with notes and ideas for every month of the year for both of my websites.   I spend my days researching, writing, and reading.  In addition to that, content creators have to understand social media algorithms, analytics and research new marketing strategies.   I’ve been doing this daily for not one but two websites!  In addition, I’m working full time, raising 3 kids, making and recording new music and performing!  To say I’m burning the candle at both ends is an understatement.  I was doing what I love but I was exhausted and depleted.  When I would sit down to actually write a blog post, article, song, or poem…I had nothing. 

"I was suffering from an extreme case of writers block"

I couldn’t shake it and was growing increasingly frustrated.  What I realized is I was completely uninspired.  I got so busy “doing” and stopped “living”.  I stopped enjoying moments.  The time I spent in clubs enjoying the music I loved became more of a job because I was covering them for one of my websites.  I was out almost 7 days a week yet I hadn’t stopped to just enjoy the moment. I needed a break.

…A Blogging Break...

I needed time to just live and enjoy life a bit and not write about it.  I continued doing interviews for one of my websites but I stopped creating new content for a while.  I was trying to pour out of an empty cup.  I can’t write about life without experiencing it; creating memories, living and being connected in the moment because those are the things that inspire me the most.  It was time to slow down, stop being so overscheduled and make time to enjoy the things I love.  I wanted to spend more time with family and friends, get out and enjoy my city, spend much needed time in solitude and maybe go on a date!   The more time I spent doing things that I enjoyed, the more my mind cleared and the ideas started to flow again.  I was stifling my own creativity by becoming “too busy”.  I’m a writer, poet and artist who is inspired by family, friends, relationships, and love and life experiences. 

"How could I pour into my art when I wasn’t making time to experience the things that inspire me the most?"


Self-Care is so much more than bubble baths and meditation. Self-care is about balance.  It’s about keeping your mind, body and spirit in total alignment.    It was great to be busy and productive, but I also had to remember to stop and enjoy my life.  It’s wonderful to have a life that is planned and structured but sometimes being flexible and allowing yourself to go with the flow is equally as beneficial.  Like I said in my previous post, “Hit the Reset Button”, you have to take moments to stop, re-prioritize and regroup in order to bring balance and equilibrium into your life.  As women who are ambitious, focused and determined to see our dreams and goals fulfilled, we live lives that are filled with so much.   As we pursue our dreams, passions, take care of our responsibilities and obligations we have to remember to take time to enjoy the moments in between. 

Don’t get so busy that life passes you by.

Until next time, take care of yourself and one another

D. Sanders