Some Much Needed Validation! Blogger Recognition Award

A few days ago, I received a message that this blog, The Sum of Many Things had been nominated for a Blogger Recognition award. Special thanks to Meikko Love for nominating me. Check her blog out at  I can’t tell you how much this nomination means to me and how “on time” it came. I have been in a place of doubt for the past week wondering if I’m impacting the lives of women with my content. This nomination is confirmation to me to keep being true to what I love.   My heart lies with women, sisterhood and our complete healing.  My desire is to create a safe space where women can speak freely, their emotions, their pain, their triumphs and victories without fear of unnecessary judgement by those who wish to place women in limiting boxes.

In order to accept this nomination, I am required to do a few things:

  1. Thank nominator and provide link to their blog

  2. Write award post

  3. Brief Story on how my blog got started

  4. Give 2 small pieces of advice for other bloggers

  5. Select 15 other bloggers you admire

  6. Tell those who you’ve nominated that they were selected.

How The Sum of Many Things was Born:

I knew I had a story that women could relate to. I knew I had a voice that deserved to be heard and at a poetry show in honor of Women’s History Month, “The Sum of Many Things” was born.  I preformed this poem but the words never left me.  This poem wasn’t finished and I began to write more and this poem became an idea.  This idea became this website and forthcoming book.  Launching this website and writing this book is the realization of a dream I never shared with anyone.  It’s the leap of faith I was too scared to take over 20 years ago.  I’ve spent those years chasing corporate dreams instead of pursing my passion.  I thought I was the path I was supposed to take.   The Sum of Many things is for and about women; Our stories, our journey, our pain, triumphs and our healing.  It is a space and a community for and about women that I intend to grow into a movement. My website is all about sisterhood and our power and strength when we remain connected to one another.

My Advice to other Bloggers

  1.  Be unapologetically you. The Blogosphere is a large community with so many different ideas and philosophies but there is only one you.  Know that there is a space for you within this community of creatives and thinkers. Remember you have something to contribute that is uniquely you. The best way to contribute is to be authentic, real and relatable. Sometime that may force you to reveal pieces of yourself so your audience can connect with you. Don’ be afraid to be vulnerable…embrace it!

  2. Connect with other bloggers but don’t compare yourself to them.  As I’ve joined this community, I’ve made an effort to reach out and meet other bloggers. I’ve collaborated with a few as well.  I joined spaces and groups where bloggers share ideas and I’ve learned so much.  However it is easy to begin comparing yourself to other bloggers. How many followers they have on social media, how much engagement they have, etc.  Remember each of us has our own path and we have to focus on what we are doing to grow and connect with readers.  Do you...and the rest will fall into place.


My 15 Nominations (in no particular order)
















Congrats to everyone on their nomination and check out each other’s blogs and websites!!! They each have awesome and relevant content that I’m sure you will enjoy!

Until next time,

Take care of yourselves and one another!

D. Sanders