"Condition of The Heart"- A Review

"Condition of The Heart"- A Review

As women, the love stories that shape our lives are often a deep ocean full of amazing moments of love, heartbreak, learning experiences and fond memories that we tend to bury deep inside, only sharing them in our private thoughts and journals.    Playing to a packed house, Dhi Di brilliantly shared her story with vulnerability, humor and moments that had me fighting back tears.   It was completely relatable as I listened to her share stories of love, loss, growth and maturity.

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Black Love II by Nikki Williams Rucker (guest post)

Black Love II by Nikki Williams Rucker (guest post)

They ask us if we hate ourselves

And the answer lingers

As if lost in a chasm of uncontained thought

We process and redress and re process

Our answer like perms


In beauty salons

And the images before us change color

With the help of New Growth and Revlon

And still there is silence


I refuse to believe we have lost the essence of who we are

The road we were once marching upon

Is now covered in blood stained tears of mothers

Begging for answers

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