"Condition of The Heart"- A Review

“A Woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets”.

This quote stuck with me as I wrote this piece.  This weekend I attended the one-woman show by Model and Makeup Artist, Dhe-Di Willoughby.  Her one-woman show, "Condition Of My Heart...My Journey With Love",  is a beautiful, honest and vulnerable depiction of the depths of a woman’s heart.  As women, the love stories that shape our lives are often a deep ocean full of amazing moments of love, heartbreak, learning experiences and fond memories that we tend to bury deep inside, only sharing them in our private thoughts and journals.    Playing to a packed house, Dhe-Di brilliantly shared her story with vulnerability, humor and moments that had me fighting back tears.   It was completely relatable as I listened to her share stories of love, loss, growth, and maturity. She humorously details the awkwardness of those teenage years, when you are unsure of your looks and the magical moment when you become more comfortable in your own skin and begin to work with what God gave you with confidence and self-assuredness as you start dating. 

The show detailed her incredible highs that new love brings along with the devastating blows that come with loss and heartbreak.  She took me on a journey that at many times, felt like I was on the same road with her.     The show was interactive with a lively and engaged audience singing and dancing along to the songs that detailed her love’s story.   Frequent nods of agreement and random outbursts as Dhe-Di recapped her dating moments had the audience laughing, dancing and crying at different times.  It was completely relatable.   I was drawn into the moments of her dating life and laughed in agreement as she spoke on her dealings with men over the years.  I nodded in agreement and felt triggered during the moments where she detailed her heartache at failed relationships.  I cried tears as she detailed the loss of love and the grief it brings. I found joy in watching her connect with ex’s that were in attendance in full support of her performance, proof that not all breakups have to be negative.    I was in awe of her strength through adversity.  A completely real and open storyteller, she masterfully drew you into her story with dignity and grace.

 I’m a firm believer in the power of telling your story and the impact it has on others.  Condition of my heart was her story but so many of us share similar experiences.  She ended her show with congratulatory hugs from friends and tears of joy.  Her one-woman show was a beautiful, poignant, well-written story by a woman who bravely allowed you into her amazing and generous heart.    It returns in 2018 and it’s a show you don’t want to miss! 

Until next time, Take care of yourselves and one another

D. Sanders