Danielle R. Sanders, a Chicago native, is a writer, spoken word recording artist, blogger and poet who is passionate about family, sisterhood, womanhood, and living a full and well balanced life.  I believe that women are "The Sum of Many Things".  Embracing all of my roles as a woman, I firmly believe in breaking free of preconceived notions of womanhood and being authentically and uniquely you.  


This is a space where I share my favorite things that help me balance my life a little better. It's about living a life that is full, well rounded and centered.   The focus will always be on women and how we survive, thrive and become better. This website is for us! It's about taking better care of ourselves so we can better take care of everyone else! So many people rely on us for so many things, it's important to remember that "We cannot continue to pour out of empty cups"!  This blog is full of tips and helpful advice to keep our "cups" full. 

This blog is a piece of my heart that I share in the hopes that we heal, grow thru it and thrive.  This is a “safe space”, without judgement or preconceived notions of womanhood, motherhood, sexuality, and femininity. We define who we are and who we want to be.    We are the Sum of Many Things but in all things we remain beautiful and blooming into our purpose and destiny.  Thank you for visiting my website and I hope to connect with you soon!

With Love and Appreciation,