#WellnessWednesday: Stay Hydrated with Detox Waters


Confession…I hate water. I really do.  I think it’s bland and tasteless.  However, when I injured my back a few years ago, I learned a valuable lesson in the importance of staying hydrated in order to prevent injury.  Drinking water and staying hydrated has many benefits.

Drinking your daily dose of water helps to:

Increases energy:  Hydrating your body helps boost your energy levels and you feel less fatigued

Promotes Weight Loss:   Drinking water acts like an appetite suppressant and is helpful in increasing metabolism which helps you burn fat faster.

Helps to build and repair muscle:  Muscle tissue is 75% water.  Staying hydrated reduces protein breakdown. 

Beautiful Clear Skin: Water cleanses out your pores and helps you maintain a healthy glow and prevents breakouts.

Boosts your immune system: Water helps your body’s organs function at optimum levels, and ensures your cells get the amount of oxygen they need.  It helps to circulate white blood cells to all of the body’s tissues

Flushes toxins: water acts as a body cleanser and it aids in kidney function which helps to flush toxins out of the body.

Great for joints, aches and pains:  Drinking water helps to keep your joints lubricated to avoid injury

Maintains proper PH levels in your body

Promotes digestion

Can cure a headache.   Did you know most headaches are the result of dehydration?

Healthy hair.   Think of your hair as a plant. It needs water to grow! Drinking water strengthens your hair strands, gives it great shine and helps it to flourish. 



But what if you aren’t a fan of water?  I discovered detox waters as a way to ensure I’m getting my daily dose of H2O.  Detox water is an infused water recipe that rids your body of toxins and improves overall health.  Some detox waters have beneficial ingredients that are full of much needed vitamins and nutrients that make you healthier.

Detox Waters have become extremely popular over the last few years and you now have many options to take your infused waters with you on the go! I have an infuser that I use for work and one for home. 

So even if you aren’t much of a water drinker, you can still stay hydrated without added sugars, fat or calories by adding a few ingredients to make your water tastier while detoxing and improving your overall health!

Have you tried detox waters? If so what are some of your favorite recipes?

Until Next Time,

Take Care of yourselves and one another

D. Sanders