#WellnessWeds: Dry Brushing Your Skin


Dry Brushing is the process of brushing the skin with a natural brush to stimulate lymph flow, improve circulation, exfoliate, get rid of dead skin and prevent cellulite.   As a self-proclaimed “skin freak,” I’m completely obsessed with having clear and healthy skin.  Now that I’m older, I’ve become more concerned with preserving a certain youthfulness and healthy glow.  Dry Brushing helps to keep your skin clear, your melanin poppin and your “glow” on point!

Why Dry Brush?

To exfoliate the skin: Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and unclogs pores. The results are an improvement in skin’s appearance, tighter skin, and cell renewal.  All of these help to prevent premature aging of the skin.  

Lymphatic support: the lymphatic system is part of your circulatory system and immune system.  Dry Brushing helps to remove toxins from your body.  By unclogging your pores, it allows sweat glands to flush out any excess toxins that have built up over time.   Think of dry brushing as a detox for the skin.

Stress Relief:  Think of the act of dry brushing like a massage. The repetitive circular motions feel like a light massage.  The dry brush technique can relieve muscle tension thus causing more relaxation and relief for stress.

Helps to prevent and improve cellulite:   When you dry brush, you are softening hard fat deposits and redistributing them more evenly, thus improving the appearance of cellulite.  There is no scientific evidence to support this, and many believe the reduction in cellulite appearance can be short lived, but wellness experts agree that it doesn’t hurt to try it!

A few of my favorite dry brushes!!!


How Do you Dry Brush?

  • Dry Brush in the morning before you shower, as it energizes and stimulates the body. 
  • Find a firm natural bristle brush (preferably with a long handle for hard to reach areas)
  • Using long, upward strokes, start brushing your skin at your feet and work up your legs one at a time. Then move up your midsection (front and back) and across your chest. Finish by brushing up your arms toward your armpits
  • Shower as usual. Because you have opened your pores, your shower gels and lotions will penetrate better

Over time, your skin will feel smoother and softer, and you will discover that your skin has a more beautiful and radiant glow.  Have you tried dry brushing your skin?  Did you feel an improvement in your skin’s texture?   Let me know; I’d love to share some ideas!

Until next time,

Take care of yourselves and one another

D. Sanders