Danielle's Favorite Things: 5 Gifts for the Naturalista in Your Life!

Danielle’s Favorite Things: Gifts for the Naturalista!

It’s the Holiday season and the time of year when we are all searching for the perfect gifts for our loved ones.   In the spirit of “Oprah”, over the next few week's I’ll be sharing a few of my favorite things that would make great gifts for your favorite people!  Today, I’m sharing a few of my favorite things for the naturalista in your life! Naturalista’s are women who take pride in wearing their natural hair.   We are women who are obsessed with making sure our hair is healthy and looking good at all times.  If you know someone who is a self-proclaimed, naturalista, chances are she will love some of these products under her tree!

Mielle Organics

I started using Mielle Organics a few months ago and the results I’ve seen in the health, look and feel of my hair have been outstanding. Mielle products are my “go to” hair product line.  Not only do the products smell amazing, but they work.  My hair is fine so the original line works on my hair, creating softness, beautifully defined and moisturized curls without wearing my hair down.  I currently use the Shampoo, Babassu Oil Deep Conditioner, White Peony Leave in and alternate between the styling products.  I use the hair milk on hotter days and the Curl Cream during the colder weather months.  After diffusing my hair in the winter, I use a little styling gel for incredible hold without “crunchy curls”.  The result is full, defined and beautiful curls!


They recently launched a new line “Pomegranate & Honey” and this was designed for thicker hair. I was thrilled because I have a 13 year old daughter whose hair is very thick.  Once I finally found this line (it’s constantly sold out), I bought the entire collection and started using it in my daughters natural hair routine.   I cannot tell you how awesome these products are. My daughter now loves to wear her “wash N go’s” on a regular basis because the products define her curls and they have a great hold.  The leave in conditioner is INCREDIBLE…the “slip” makes hair feel like butter in your hands.  To make it even better, the smell is intoxicating. Mielle really hit it out the park with these products.  So whether your naturalista has fine hair or super thick hair, Mielle has products for both! (Available at Target, Sally Beauty Supply and www.Mielleorganics.com)

Q-Redew Hair Steamer

As a naturalista, one of the most important things to us is keeping our hair property hydrated and moisturized.  Hair steaming hydrates dry hair and promotes hair growth by lifting the hair cuticle to allow those deep conditioners and other hair treatments to penetrate the hair and make it stronger.  The Q-Redew is a handheld hair steamer that moisturizes hair using warm steam as a mist.  It’s portable and convenient enabling you to travel with it.  I love it for reviving a 3 or 4 day old wash N go and it only takes minutes.  It makes a great addition to a naturalista’s hair maintenance routine! https://qredew.com/




Most natural girls are product junkies! We are obsessed with finding the perfect combination of hair products and treatments to make our hair look its best.  If you look in the linen closets and bathrooms of the natural in your life, chances are you will find tons of products!  Curlbox is a great gift for the natural girl who loves trying new things on her hair.  Curlbox is a subscription service that delivers 4 or more quality hair products from some of the biggest names in natural hair care.  The boxes are $20/month and you can cancel anytime.  What natural girl doesn’t like more products!  www.curlbox.com

Naturalista Necessities

Curl Cloths.  The first thing you learn as a natural is how to retain moisture in your hair.  Everyone says to use a t-shirt to dry your hair because it doesn’t strip your hair like regular towels do.  The company, “Curls like Us” created the Curl Cloth.  The curl cloth is made from an absorbent material that removes just the right amount of moisture, while allowing your styling product to penetrate your hair.   The result is well- defined, shiny curls without the frizz. www.curlslikeus.com

Satin Pillowcases, bonnets, hair scarves are all necessities for natural girls.   Cotton drains the hair of moisture and we wear bonnets and scarves and sleep on satin pillowcases to protect our hair.  Ebonicurls created fashionable pillowcases, scarves and bonnets for the naturalista who sleeps in style. She even has adorable cartoon images for the little naturalista in your life and even creates custom designs to go with your own fashionable aesthetic.  Why not gift your favorite naturalista with something that protects her hair and still keeps her looking great, even at bedtime! https://shopebonicurls.com/

Hair Diffusers:  As a natural girl who once cut 5 inches off of my hair due to heat damage, I’m very wary of using heat on my hair. I wear Wash N Go’s primarily and air dry my hair.   Chicago is cold now so on those moments when I cannot stay home and air dry, using a hair diffuser is a must!   Diffusers dry curls with indirect heat, adding volume without the damage that comes from using heat on your hair.  They dry hair quickly and evenly allowing curls to form faster without the frizz. Diffusers are great for giving more volume and curls.  My favorite diffuser is a universal one from Conair that attaches to any hair dryer.  It dries my hair quickly and gives me really full curls.    Great for the naturalista who loves to keep her curls poppin!! www.amazon.com

Naturalista T-shirts and Accessories

I love a cute statement tee and My Diva Boutique makes some of the cutest shirts for the naturalista!  Fashionable with just enough sparkle these T-shirts make a great gift for the girl who’s proud to be a natural! https://www.mydivaboutique.com/natural-hair-divas

Do you know a "Naturalista" who would like these? Are you a natural girl who's tried any of these products? What do you think? Share a few of your favorite items for natural girls with me today!

Until next time,

Take care of yourselves and one another!

D. Sanders