#TransformationTuesday: Grocery Shopping on a Budget (Guest Post)

This week, I partnered with my fellow Blogging Sister, Dana Harrell, Founder of La Curlista.  She started blogging in 2013 as a natural hair blogger and now blogs about hair, fashion, lifestyle, and all things in-between. This week, Dana is talking about how to shop for healthly ingredients on a budget!   Thank you Dana for helping us shop better, smarter and healthier! For more information on La Curlista, check out her website: www.lacurlista.com!

As someone who struggles with weight loss and trying to better my lifestyle, I was very excited when she told me about her posts and I’m excited to contribute a little knowledge about some of the things I buy, how I stay on budget, and where I get certain things.  I’m a teacher and I get paid bi-weeky. Every paycheck I set aside about $100 for groceries. I usually have a $150 limit but I’ve recently been under 100…winning, right? lol. Here are some things that I do to help me stay aware of my budget.

  1. Lists. I’m old school. Before going to make groceries I always make a list of the things I would like to purchase. I use pinterest a lot for inspiration so I’ll usually find a recipe I like and write the ingredients down on my list. As I shop, I’ll site down how much the item costs and keep adding. For example, let’s say I buy some spinach that’s $2.80. I’ll round it to $3.00 and continue to add up everything I put in my cart.

  2. The stores. Wal-mart is usually my go to store when I’m buying groceries. Sure, it may not be the most “organic” choice but I feel like Wal-mart gives me the most bang for my buck. As far as fruits and veggies, I’ve been getting a lot of my produce from Aldi’s. I’m not sure if they’re all around different cities, but Aldi is another great priced grocery store with good choices.

  3. Sharing responsibilities. If you live alone, you obviously can’t do this one but if you have a room mate or live with a sibling or parent, sharing the price of groceries in the household helps. I live with my parents and me and my mother do the grocery shopping. I’ll usually get the produce, grains, and the bulk of everything while she’ll buy the meats. That way we’re still getting everything we need but it’s not hurting one person.

As far as the foods that I buy, I try to make smart, healthy choices. I’ve been beef free since 2014 so we usually buy ground turkey, chicken, fish, and pork for dinner choices. Switching out pasta for veggie noodles or rice for couscous are also small healthy transitions. Most grocery stores sell the veggies already spiraled now. I buy a lot of salad stuff for lunch. I like colorful salads so I like to add peppers and black beans or chickpeas. Experiment with different things. I buy tuna a lot and those tortilla wraps because making tuna fish or throwing some grilled chicken to make a wrap are fast and easy lunch choices. For breakfast I make sure I always have oatmeal and bagels in the house. I like eating those in the morning because I stay full longer. Another breakfast favorite are egg muffins. Pour eggs in a muffin tin ands add whatever veggies or meats you’d like. Pop them in the oven and then freeze them for breakfast for the week.

Being healthy doesn’t necessarily mean giving up the things that you love. Eat. Food is good lol. My advice to people who are starting a lifestyle change is to start slow. Have a bagel or a smoothie for breakfast instead of stopping at McDonalds. Try ground turkey instead of beef. Don’t try and quit something cold turkey or give up eating something you love. Everything should be done in moderation.

Hope this was helpful!

Dana H. (http://www.lacurlista.com)

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