#WellnessWeds: The Benefits of Oil Pulling


Oil pulling is a trend that has become popular amongst wellness experts but idea of oil pulling is actually quite old. It is an ancient form of oral therapy from Ayurvedic medicinal practice that is over 3000 years old.    Oil Pulling is the process of pulling bacterial from your teeth and gums.   Your mouth is full of bacteria and oil pulling is a great way to improve your oral health.  

The process of oil pulling is much like using mouthwash.  You take a teaspoon of oil (coconut, sesame or sunflower) and swish it in your mouth for 10-15 minutes on an empty stomach, then spit out and rinse.  It is not a replacement for brushing and flossing.  You should proceed to brush and floss after rinsing oil from your mouth. It’s is helpful to rinse with salt water to remove all oil residue.   Studies show oil pulling helps against gingivitis, plaque and bad breath.   The Ancient Indians’ used sesame and sunflower oil but experts now encourage you to use coconut oil.  In addition to the bacteria fighting benefits of sesame and sunflower, coconut oil also has lauric acid which is known for its anti-microbial agents (Source: Dr. Jessica T. Embery, DMD)


I just started oil pulling with raw, unrefined coconut oil from Trader Joes (my favorite).  I’ve been doing this now for two weeks and I definitely see a difference in my teeth.  My teeth are definitely whiter and shinier (that’s coming from a coffee addict) and my mouth feels cleaner.  I started doing this for 10 minutes twice a week but plan to increase it to 3-4 times a week and for 20 minutes.  It will be interesting to see what my dentist says at my next visit. 

Overall, I’ve enjoyed the benefits of adding oil pulling to my oral health routine.   Have you tried oil pulling? Have you seen any difference in your teeth, mouth or gums?  Let me know!

Until next time,

Take care of yourselves and one another

D. Sanders