#SaturdaySwag: 8 Outdoor Picnic Must Haves!!!


Summertime usually means spending more time outdoors. Whether at the beach, a music festival, movies in the park or a romantic date out, packing a picnic requires certain essentials.   I love picnics and have different décor depending on the event but these are a few of my essentials. Start here and build your outdoor picnic kit from there!

1.  Cooler: I have 3 coolers. One for those days where it’s just me, one for a short day out and one for those days the kids and I are spending most of our time outdoors!  Packing a cooler is a money saver for me. I can pack lunches for the kids with their drinks and I usually have a special drink for myself! Coolers now are so portable and easy to navigate. 

2.  Sunscreen: This goes without explanation.  If you are going to be in the sun for extended period of time, make sure to protect your skin.  I use a daily moisturizer with SPF on my face and a sunscreen for the rest of my body. Make sure the kids are protected too!

3.  Insect Repellant & Candles: Mosquitos love to hang around the grassy picnic areas and beaches. Have plenty of repellant spray, candles, etc. to keep them away!

4. Blanket:  On a beautiful day, it’s nice to lie out in the sun or at night under the stars. Have a blanket big enough for two (for those date nights) or big enough for your family!

5.  Picnic Chair: Portable seating is perfect for days at the beach, picnics, outdoor festivals and they are easy to transport and carry.

6.  Picnic Basket:  These are my favorite for date nights. They are functional with space to hold everything you need for the perfect date night.  You don’t have to settle for a wicker basket either, picnic baskets are available in different styles come in backpacks or even on wheels!

7.  Table in a Bag:  My portable tables are a godsend in the summer time. I take them everywhere. Completely portable and easy to carry, these tables are perfect to hold your food and drinks whenever you are at an outdoor event.

8.  Utility Cart:  This cart will hold all of the above and you can transport what you need with ease.  It folds up flat for easy storage when you are finished.  They are sturdy and hold a great amount of weight. I can typically put my cooler, chairs, blanket and picnic basket in my cart for my family and move around with without any issues.  

These 8 essentials can get you through festival, beach and outdoor event season with ease!   I keep everything in my garage at home and when we are ready to go, it’s all right there! It makes getting around and enjoying summer outdoors much more fun!  What are some of your summer picnic essentials?

Until next time,

Take care of yourselves and one another

D. Sanders