Winter Hair and Skincare with Mielle Organics

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Living in Chicago, winter can do a job to your hair and skin.  Negative wind chills, heavy winds, and below zero temperatures can leave your hair and skin dry, flaky, itchy and dull.  There are a few things I use to keep my hair healthy, shiny, and moisturized and my skin glowing even if I’m hiding it behind scarves, hats, and coats.  I spoke briefly about my love of Mielle Organics hair products but for the past two months, I’ve incorporated their Pomegranate & Honey collection of hair and skin products as part of my hair and skincare routine.  Released in the fall of 2017, this collection was an instant hit with naturalistas especially those with thicker Type 4 hair.   I initially purchased this collection for my 13 year old daughter since her hair is significantly thicker than mine but I noticed how moisturized her hair stayed during these cold winter months and decided to try it out on my type 3 curls.


I’m a year round wash n go kind of girl.  I straighten my hair twice a year for a length check and occasionally rock a twist out but my go to has always been my wash n go.  I started with a deep cleansing shampoo using the Mongongo Oil Exfoliating Shampoo. This shampoo deep cleans without leaving my hair feeling stripped.  It’s perfect for removing product buildup on the scalp.   After a deep cleansing, I give my hair a little extra TLC with a hot oil treatment using their Mint Almond Oil.    Winter hair needs plenty of moisture and a hot oil treatment helps eliminate dry scalp and reduces breakage.  Mielle’s Mint Almond Oil has such a great tingle to it that leaves my scalp feeling stimulated.    I deep condition with the Hydrating protein-free conditioner with Mongongo oil.  This conditioner is my weekly go to as I use the Mielle Organics Babbasu oil deep conditioner once a month (when I need protein).   The Deep conditioner with Mongongo oil coats my strands and softens my hair in the process.  Rinsing it out is easy and my hair is left feeling extremely soft to the touch!


After that, it’s time to style my hair.  I typically use 3 products when I style my hair: a leave in conditioner, oil and curl cream.    For the past few months, I’ve literally used the same products: the Pomegranate and Honey Leave in Conditioner, the Mint Almond Oil and the Curl smoothie.   From the moment I started using this collection, I fell in love with these products.  The leave in conditioner is literally my favorite leave in EVER!!! The slip is incredible, it smells amazing and it doesn’t weigh my hair down.  From there I used a little oil on my ends for added protection then add the Curl Smoothie and finger style my hair using the shingling method for peak curl definition.    I rarely use heat on my hair so I air dry at home, even in winter but occasionally I may use a diffuser.   Each time, the result has been frizz free, incredibly hydrated and shiny curls that hold for 5-6 days.  And did I mention, my hair smells AMAZING!!!!!   These products work beautifully on my hair in cold weather without weighting my hair down.

Even in the “City of Wind”, THESE CURLS ARE POPPIN!!!

My routine is the same for my daughter with the exception of her styler.  I use the Pomegranate and Honey curling custard on her hair for shine, definition and frizz free curls.  It’s lightweight but has some incredible hold for thick hair!!! She wears her wash n go’s happily at school!    The Pomegranate and Honey hair collection is perfect for maintaining healthy, strong hair during these brutal winter months.



Winter skin often means dry, cracked, itchy or dull skin. With a regular skin care routine, you can enjoy moisturized skin with a beautiful glow all year round.  Since I was such a huge fan of their hair products, I couldn’t wait to purchase their new skincare line. I purchased the 2n1 Face Cleanser and Scrub, the Illuminating Face lotion with SPF and the Hydrating face mask.  I started using these products exclusively morning and night and the mask once a week.  I have very dry skin and often struggle with keeping my skin from look dull.  The face cleaner and scrub literally removes the old, dead and flaky skin so gently.  My skin feels soft to the touch after I rinse my face.  A little goes a long way which is awesome to my wallet.  The lotion is a heavier consistency that moisturizes my skin without me looking greasy.  The glow is natural and I’m thankful for the added SPF15 protection.  Lastly, I use the hydrating face mask once a week. This mask is deep cleansing and pore tightening without irritating my sensitive skin. When I rinse this mask off my skin is smooth and hydrated.  It’s the perfect treat for winter weary skin. It’s an essential part of my Sunday self-care beauty routine.

They recently released a new limited edition to the pomegranate and honey line, a body wash!  I immediately ordered a few bottles.  When I tried it for the first time, I was really impressed. The Pomegranate and Honey Radiant Body Wash, doesn’t have a lot of lather but it cleans gently and washes off without your skin feeling stripped.  I love it and really hope they expand this line with a body cream or body butter!!!  These hair and skin products are made with healthier, non-toxic ingredients.  The Pomegranate and honey line provides excellent moisture and hydration for your hair and skin, promoting healthy hair growth and beautiful skin that glows.  Mielle makes amazing products that I love using from head to toe!


You can find Mielle Organic products on their website ( or at CVS Pharmacy, Sally Beauty Supply, Target Stores and Walgreens

Have you tried Mielle Organics? What are your favorite products?

Until next time, Take Care of yourselves and one another!

D. Sanders