#TransformationTuesday: Working out at Home


A busy schedule leaves little time to go to the gym.  Sometimes no matter how much you try, getting to the gym can be difficult to do. What do you do when you want to work out but can't’ make it to the gym or can’t afford gym membership fees?  Working out at home is an easy and cost effective way to stay fit. There are a few ways to get fit at home, and most involve little to no equipment at all. 

On-Demand TV

Check your cable service and their on-demand menu.  There are so many different videos in the sports section under “exercise.”   From yoga and Pilates to high energy kickboxing and cardio routines, you are guaranteed to find a workout that suits you and they are usually no longer than 30 minutes long.  Sometimes, my kids join me and it becomes some much-needed family time. 


Workout DVD’s are a hot item nowadays.  I have to admit, I’ve bought a few after spending months watching the infomercials on TV.  I own Insanity, and I have to admit, it was one of the hardest workouts I’ve ever done, but it also was extremely effective.  Before injuring my back, I did these workouts religiously and lost weight.  I didn’t follow the meal plan because of ingredients I didn’t like, so I modified it. Did I look like the “after” pictures on the infomercial…NO, but I did see a significant loss.  Find a workout DVD that interests you and try it out.  It’s a great investment and is much cheaper than working out at the gym!

Simple Workout Plans

I’ve also tried a few workouts like Cross-fit. These were high-energy, calorie burning workouts but the membership fees to a Cross-Fit gym are too much for this single mom.  After a month of attending (Thanks to Groupon), I realized most of these routines were things I could do at home.  Here is my “go-to” workout routine:


I do have a couple of items that help with my workouts at home. These are multi-tasking items that can be used to give you a total body workout incorporating, ab work, strength training and cardio.

There are many reasons why a gym membership may not be for you.  Working out at home ensures that you stay on your path of getting in shape and feeling better.  Give it a try and set aside some time to get off the couch and on your feet!  It’s Transformation Time!  What are some of your favorite at-home workouts?


Until next time,

Take care of yourself and one another


D. Sanders

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