The Power of The "P": The Yoni Egg and Healing

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**Disclaimer: Because I advocate for treating the whole human being, I will be frequently transitioning between both clinical and spiritual terms and phrases regarding the purpose/advantage of yoni egg usage. I do so with the understanding that not everyone sees the correlation between mental health and spirituality; this opinion is respected and understood.

In 2002, R. Kelly and Jay-Z released an album called “Best of Both Worlds.” My absolute favorite track from that album is “Power of the P.” And while the title of the track speaks volumes on it own, for me it speaks to the power that women have to heal themselves and others. For centuries, it has been believed that the fastest track to healing is through the walls of a spiritually-aligned woman’s vagina. But what happens when a woman’s greatest healing asset needs its own healing? For far too long, women have bore the brunt of healing the world, but never taking the time (or having it, for that matter) to heal themselves. Not every woman has access to clinical mental health care, and certain traumas make some women mistrustful of revealing their traumas beyond their own hearts. All these barriers bare one question among the masses of broken women in need of wholeness: how can I heal MYSELF???

Enter the YONI EGG!!!!!

Yoni is a Sanskrit word for “sacred space,” “vaginal space,” or “vagina.” It is believed that because life comes through this space, life can also be healed through it. Yoni eggs are akin to the archaic ben-wa egg: used tighten the vaginal walls after childbirth; vaginal wall activation and manipulation; and vaginal weightlifting. Unlike ben-wa eggs which are made of plastic, yoni eggs are made of semi-precious healing stones (e.g. amethyst, rose quartz, garnet, lapis, lazuli, etic.). Each healing stone has a spiritual attribute that vibrates with a specific chakra point in your body.

Now, this is where things may get a bit clinical AND spiritual. As a mental health counselor and advocate for holistic health (and for the purposes of the topic of internal healing for women), I would be remiss if I did not make clear why one’s chakras/spiritual energies are important to yoni egg usage.  From an ethereal perspective, we are all born with spirit energies. Those energies are in linear points of your body called “chakras.” Each chakra governs a specific energy point; each energy point manifests itself into characteristics in a human being. There are 7 chakras in total:

Root (red; base of the spine; houses safety and grounding); sacral (orange; pelvic area; houses creativity and sexuality); solar plexus (yellow; abdominal area above the belly button; houses confidence and power); heart (green/pink; sternum; love and other correlating feelings and emotions); Throat (blue; throat/neck area; houses truth and communication); 3rd eye (indigo; center of brow; houses intuition); crown (violet; crown of head; houses higher self/intellect).

Chakras operate like a well-oiled machine: when all parts are balanced and in tune, the entire machine operates as such. When there is a blockage or damage to even one part of the whole, the entire machine is thrown off-balance. When the machine is thrown off-balance it either fails to operate at full capacity or operates in a manner that is unnatural to the machine. The human spirit (and subsequently, character/behavior) is the same way: when one chakra is off-balance or blocked, the entire system follows suit. Stress, physical/mental/emotional harm, sexual abuse/assault, grief, and trauma are all issues that can either block one’s energy and/or throw one’s entire spiritual system off-balance. Clinically, these blocked/imbalanced energies can manifest into negative human feelings and behaviors such as excessive fear; insecurities; eating disorders; anxiety; depression; paranoia; repressed anger; co-dependency; and other issues that women have silently suffered with for generations. It is also believed that women who suffer from unresolved trauma manifest it via disease/infection/damage of the sexual/reproductive organs (e.g., fibroids, ovarian/breast cancer; heavy/painful cycles; miscarriage/stillbirth; etc.).

The purpose of the yoni egg is to heal its user from the inside out (as the egg is inserted into the vaginal canal). And while the sexual advancements women can make with them are quite beneficial, the spiritual healing that comes with them far surpass any physical pleasure created by them. Yoni eggs can be used during meditation, during exercise, or while simply strolling through the park; and their effects can be immediate and long-term. And while the shapes and sizes of the eggs are varied (anywhere between the size of a silver dollar to slightly larger than a hen’s egg), the purpose of those eggs remains exact: to heal the individual to the depths of their hurt.

 As healers, it is high time that women have a means to mend our own internal damage, if for no other reason than to regain our own power and sense of self. My honest opinion, even being a mental health counselor: yoni eggs (in addition to other mental/spiritual work) will become one of the most effective means of doing so. This is not to say that traditional talk, art, dance, music, color, aroma, and other counseling methods would be rendered ineffective; millions of men and women work out their issues through various means. And I am an advocate for any [ethical] counseling method that is effective for the individual in need of it.  As a realist, however, I can only speak to what I know and have witnessed. I have witnessed the healing that occurred within myself and others with the consistent use of the yoni egg. And as a witness, I encourage all women in need of healing to invest in themselves by investing in a yoni egg.

P.S., To the women who feel that they are not in need of vaginal tightening, I will end with this:  Even Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player of all time, went to practice. This does not speak to his lack of abilities; it speaks to his desire to remain the greatest…or become greater.

LET’S HEAL, LADIES!!!!!!!!!!!!