I have watched you for the last few years bully, humiliate, disrespect and dishonor the 44th President, his family, and many other Americans. You have attacked the disabled, the LGBT community, women, minorities, The Pope, War Heroes, Civil Rights Icons and immigrants.   You have removed the mask of racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia and exposed yourself and your followers for the hateful people you are.  However, as you have tried to blanket a county in fear with your hateful and immature tweets and speeches, I stand strong in my fight against you and those like you who refuse to embrace diversity, social justice, human decency, ethics, integrity, unity and change.   You’ve awakened the fight in me and in the spirit of my ancestors I will resist your hate with every inch of my soul.  I will not watch your speeches, I will block your tweets, and I will by any means necessary protect my peace.

I will shield my children from your horrible example and teach them to honor those who are different from them with respect and dignity. I will encourage them to get involved in their communities and when they are able, use their given right to vote for people who share our ideals and sense of morality. I will push them to be great academically, nourishing their god given talents and gifts to contribute to society effectively and to be peacemakers and game changers in a world who needs the best that ALL of our children have to offer. 

I will educate and prepare myself to challenge and fight you on the issues important to me; Violence, social justice, religious freedom, marriage equality, education, healthcare and women’s rights.  I will not grow weary or disillusioned. I will become more active and hold my elected officials accountable. I will never become apathetic and I will never lose hope that what you represent doesn’t represent the majority; the majority that did not vote for you, the majority that rejected you and your prehistoric ideals.  You did not just awaken the worse of this country; you supplied fuel to the resistance; the ones who are ready to pick up and fight back through protests, through art, and civil disobedience. Do not underestimate the power of a people who are oppressed but united against a common enemy. We will unite to defeat you and what you represent.    Respect is earned not given, and you have yet to earn ours. You didn’t even earn the office of the President.   

You bought it with help from the Russians and unlike some celebrities; you can’t put a price on a real artist’s integrity.  The creative community is ready to produce our best work and our best art; we will continue to tell and share our stories unapologetically.  Our voices cannot be bought with your tarnished silver or gold.  Our souls are not on your auction blocks begging to be sold.  We the people are unafraid and steadfast.  In spite of you, we will succeed.  You will try your hardest to stunt the growth of a people determined to rise but you will fail.  My people have survived worse; our ancestors have given us the blueprint to survive the likes of oppressive governments and men like you.  You may have stolen this office but you will not win. 

We the people are ready.