I am totally obsessive about my hair.  I’ve been a natural most of my life, but for the past 5 years I really began to learn about my hair and how to maintain it.  Having a healthy head of hair is important to me.   I rarely use heat on my hair because I’m afraid of heat damage.   I bleached my hair a few years ago and suffered severe damage and have been nursing my hair back to life ever since.  About a month ago, I took my blow dryer and straightened my hair for a formal dance with my son. To my surprise, my hair had grown past my shoulders.   People were visibly shocked to see me with my long hair.    I was thrilled.  I’ve been trying to grow my hair back for the longest.  However, that joy wore off after a few days. My hair felt heavy and lifeless. I was used to my full and bouncy curls. This straight hair felt boring and limp. 

I washed my hair and was looking forward to seeing my curls again.  I noticed that my curls were still there, but the ends were limp and not as curly.  I knew that hair was dead and I needed to cut it off but I hesitated.  I started to wonder…why was I trying to hold on to this hair?  What was the point of having long hair if it was dead and lifeless?  What was holding me back from getting rid of it?   I realized I was scared of starting over.  Growing my hair out required patience and giving my hair lots of care in the process.  Growing my hair out required me to be disciplined with my wash and hair maintenance routines.   Having a healthy head of hair is work and sometimes, it can be a frustrating process.  

I reluctantly grabbed the scissors and cut about 4 inches off of my hair.  After growing my hair out for years, I realized that the bottom parts of my hair were nothing but old bleached tips that were dead and lifeless.  It was weighing my hair down.   When I cut off my hair, my curls were full, springy and healthy.  I felt lighter.  Now I have a full head of healthy hair and the new hair that will grow, will come in fuller and healthier than before. 

The lesson

Starting over is scary. Healing is scary.  Sometimes we hang on to things too long because they are familiar and we are used to them but they could be weighing us down.  Sometimes you got to cut the dead things off to make room for the “new growth”.  The new growth in your life is bigger, fuller and healthier than the dead things you were holding on to.  It takes courage to cut things out of your life, especially if they have been in your life for quite a while.  You have to trust that what’s coming is better than what you are holding on to.  During the process of "Growing it out", self care has to be a priority.  You have to make time to take care of yourself and your spirit.  Things cannot grow in your life unless you make the time to "Water it". 

What dead things are you holding on to? What do you need to cut out of your life? Dead friendships, relationships, dead finances, dead situations, dead feelings of self-doubt, fear?  Part of healing requires cutting off the things that impede our growth.  It’s time for us to grow to new heights and new levels.  WE can’t do that until we cut some things loose!!! Grab those scissors and get to cutting!!!!!

Trust the process…and allow new things to grow in your life.