Living a Life with Intention...A Year Long Series

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Intention is defined as : a determination to act in a certain way : RESOLVE IMPORT, SIGNIFICANCE ;  what one intends to do or bring about; b: the object for which a prayer, mass, or pious act is offered;  a process or manner of healing of incised wounds;  or purpose.

I chose intention as my 2019 word of the year because it summed up exactly what I wanted to do this year.  I want every move I make to be made with clear intentions and purpose.   I don’t operate well in gray areas; I prefer my life to be very black and white. As I began to think about this word, the first thing that came to my mind was how? How do I live with intention?  What does that even mean? That’s what I plan to explore on my blog this year.   Instead of just proclaiming my word for the year and writing a post about it at the end of the year, I want to focus on this word and each month, illustrate how I’m attempting to live a life with intention. Consider it my way of holding myself accountable to each of you for practicing what I preach! 

Intentional Living: What is it?

Intentional living is about creating the life you want.  You are the CEO of your own life and have the power to choose how you live.  Living intentionally is about freedom, happiness and constant evolution.  We always hear that the start of a new year is the beginning of a new chapter in your life’s book. This year, I’m throwing the book away and starting a new one! In order to live intentionally we must be fully aware of what our core values are.  We must be aware of our thoughts and mindful of how we approach each day. Living with intention is the ultimate act of self-care because you are constantly investing in yourself and intentionally keeping your cup full.   Sometimes that requires a moment to remove yourself from the distractions and take time to be still and meditate. 

So How Do You Start?

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Everyone has a different way of starting this process. Some, like me, find journaling and writing as a great tool to monitor and track your progress.  Others have created vision boards or words of affirmation around areas in their house. I suggest starting each day with specific goals/intentions and at the end of each day, journal about them. By being intentional in your goals, you are choosing what comes into your path and how you feel about it. 

Some Questions to ask yourself each day

  1. How do you want to feel today?

  2. How can you be the most productive?

  3. Are you listening to your body?

  4. What are your personal interactions like on a daily basis?

  5. What energy are you putting out into the world?

  6. How do you speak to yourself?

At the end of each day, hold yourself accountable and answer these questions again and offer yourself gentle yet truthful critique.    Even when things do not go your way, how you choose to deal with it is where your power lies.  Even when others attempt to bring drama and negativity your way, you can choose the emotional state you want to be in because you are living with intention and purpose.  You define how you feel, how you react and what you want to deal with.

There’s power in that.  #ReclaimYourTime #LiveWithIntention

I’ll be documenting my journey all year long with monthly posts about living with intention.  If you are open to doing the same, I’d love to hear some of your stories and revelations.  Please feel free to email me at

Until next time,

Take care of yourselves and one another.

D. Sanders