The Life Audit: Week 3/The Relationship Circle

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Relationship is defined as the way in which two or more people, objects or concepts are connected or the state of being connected; the way in which two or more people or groups regard and behave toward each other or an emotional and sexual connection between two people.

Reflection and Exercise

Is it time to reduce someone’s time in our lives?  Should I spend more time cultivating other relationships in my life?  Sometimes in writing it down, we are better able to discern how and with whom we are spending our time with and how it reflects the overall quality of our lives.


Take a moment to think about the relationships closest to you. Who are they?  For the sake of this assessment, we will split them into the following groups:

1.      Family

2.      Friends

3.      Romantic

4.      Associates

Ask yourself the following questions for each of the people you listed.

a)     How does this relationship enhance your life?

b)     If this person left your life, how would you feel?

c)      How balanced is the relationship?

d)     What do you think you mean to the other person?

e)      Is there a damaging aspect to the relationship?

f)        Do you feel obligated to continue this relationship? If so, why?  

g)     Is there an aspect of this relationship that could be improved?

h)      Are you content with the time and space you give this relationship?

I’m a big believer in mapping things out, so let’s fill in your relationship circle chart!  Think about how you spend your time and who you spend it with. Put the ones you spend the most time with in your “inner circle” and add those who you spend less time with in the “outer circle”.  Look at your chart.  Does it line up with who you are and who you want to be?   Is your inner circle reflective of people who add value to your life? 


As you look at your chart, think about ways to ensure that your inner circle reflects the quality of life you want to live. The time we spend with others is valuable.  Are you wasting time or energy on relationships that should be moved to “the outer circle”? This is your world and you have the power to create the relationship circle you desire.  That’s why you are in the center.  Look at who you surround yourself with.

 For Your Journal:

The purpose of this week’s audit is to reflect on the people in our lives.  We are examining the people in our inner circles, our family, friends and love relationships.  Do these people add value in our lives? Are the people in our lives “pouring into us” or constantly “draining our cups”?     Taking a moment to audit the relationships in your life is a great way to become more conscious and intentional about whom we spend our time with.

Thank you for participating in week 3 of the Life Audit.  Each Week, you will receive a workbook to assist you on this journey!

Join me next week as we audit our health and wellness. For those who have joined the Life Audit Challenge, please share your thoughts with me. Are you discovering anything different? Is the Audit helping you in defining exactly what kind of life you want? Please send all comments and suggestions to me at

As always, Take Care of yourselves and One another

D. Sanders