The Love Series: "Stay In Your Lane"-The twists and turns on the Dating Highway

There has to be one thing that annoys me to high heaven when driving. I cannot stand when folks cross over into my lane without using a signal.  Coming home from work a guy zipped into my lane and almost caused me to have an accident. I cursed so loud, I’m surprised he didn’t hear me. The dating game feels like a drive on a highway. At some point each one of us finds ourselves on the dating highway trying to head towards that desired destination…Love Street.  For some, it seems like the drive becomes a cross country road trip (that takes forever!) , others rush into the express lane and BOOM…they have arrived. There are many who have decided they need a break and pull over to the nearest rest stop or side of the road.   Then there are the rest who seemingly have forgotten their Dating G.P.S. and relationship roadmaps at home. They just keep driving aimlessly lost and looking for directions because of the numerous wrong turns and detours along the way.

This dating game is a tricky road to navigate and I tend to be a very cautious driver. I’ve had a few accidents over the years and now it just doesn’t seem as important to get to Love Street so fast. I’m just not as reckless or as much in a rush as I used to be.  I already know the rules of the road, I wear my seat belt at all times and I proceed cautiously, because I know eventually I’ll reach my desired destination.   I am trying my best to avoid fender benders, head-on collisions, hit and runs and I most certainly don’t want to end up on the side of the road as relationship road kill.  I’d rather take my time and get there at my own pace. 

It's some reckless drivers out there!

I wonder how many of us are jumping in and out of other folk’s lanes without using a signal? Do you have someone who pops in and out every now and then but really never commits to a particular direction? You know the type that just can’t seem to figure out what the hell they want to do or where they want to go? Or the perpetual crazy driver who just has to zigzag their way all the way down the highway, speeding in and out of lanes and having no idea of the chaos he or she is leaving behind?  Do you have someone in your lane driving so fast you can’t keep up with them? Or what about those who cross over into your lane and then just as you have a nice and steady pace, they slow down and damn near cause an accident.  You gotta be aware of the “crazy drivers” on that dating highway; those without insurance or suspended licenses or the ones with road rage.  The dating highway is full of selfish and reckless drivers who could care less of who they put in harms way.


When everyone is driving crazy or the traffic becomes too thick, I tend to"pull over" and take a much needed break from the madness. The "Rest Stop" is the place where I regroup, pick up a few things I need for my journey that I may have forgotten about, grab something for nourishment, clean out my car, gas up and get ready to get on the road again with a full tank. It's okay to get off the dating highway every now and then. You may have forgotten your worth while on the dating highway. Take time pick it up and keep it secure. You may feel empty inside and need to replenish your self worth. The "rest stop" allows you to stock up on what you need to "fill yourself up again".   You may have been in a bad dating accident and you need to pull over and take time to heal.  You may need to freshen up, getting rid of things that no longer serve any purpose on your journey (anger, bitterness, hurt etc). The rest stop is where you clean up and refresh your spirit.  Then you refill your tank with purpose, intention, self esteem and get back on the road.  What's the rush? Love isn't going anywhere. The love meant for you is waiting patiently on your arrival. Too often we are rushing on the highway, speeding and getting into different "accidents", or causing them,  when we could have slowed down, took our time, and arrived safe and sound. When you are driving on that dating  highway, you got to make sure all of your attentions are focused, you can’t get distracted because “drivers” can come out of nowhere and before you know it…you could be delayed or worse...LOST! 

I just wish some drivers were more considerate…does it really hurt to use your signal and let your fellow drivers know what the heck you are doing?

It's clear not everyone knows the "rules of the road".

Until next time,

Take care of yourself and one another

D. Sanders