A list of online resources and businesses operated by Women of Color!   Support a Woman Owned Business Today!


Nikki Williams-Rucker, CEO The MSK Experience

"Lifting as we climb"

The mission of the MSK Experience is to create a global network of sisterhood that inspires women through intentional experiences designed to empower, motivate and educate. Our goal is to create intentional experiences such as:

  • Monthly gatherings/outings
  • Book Club Discussions
  • Conferences
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • Healthy cooking classes
  • Financial Planning Seminars
  • Networking Events

As women, we need safe spaces to have meaningful conversations and touch points with other women. Whether it be an online discussion about being a mom or a networking event to discover your passion, it is our hope that the MSK Experience can meet your needs and assist you with following your path to living your best life.  We don't profess to have all of the answers but we hope our experiences will inspire, motivate, empower and educate. 


Nicole Jordan-Reed, Owner-Nicole Jordan Catering, LLC

"Changing the way you Eat"

Nicole Jordan Catering, LLC provides custom menus using the freshest ingredients for a variety of gatherings. From small intimate holiday meals, large dinner parties, themed event and celebrations, we strive to satisfy your appetite for great service and food! Our extensive menu options, which takes a fun spin on American comfort food, range from delicious vegetarian cuisine to our savory meat dishes and traditional soul food with flair. Our seasonal entrees and sides are made special for your event and tailored to your needs.  We have developed a menu that showcases traditional American standards with innovative twists. Please contact us for a list of full menu offerings. 


Tabby Cage, Owner & Designer-GlamRocks By Tabby

Tabby Cage is the founder and designer of glamRocksbyTabby, a custom handmade jewelry design company based in Chicago.

Find her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/GlamRocksbyTabby

Tyan Skinner, Owner & Designer-Tyland Jewelry and Accessories Shop Chicago

A woman in love with creating unique jewelry and accessories. She considers all of her pieces as wearable objects of feminine art. Creativity is one of the key ingredients to beauty.  Confidence is the most profound element to a woman's radiance and you will find that wearing her pieces. Find her on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TyLandShop


Erika Jarvis, Founder-Creative Soul Entertainment and Unleash Your Inhibitions

"Expressions from Within"

Creative Soul Entertainment is a performance ensemble commited to promoting self-confidence, creativity and education to aspiring artists.  They have been recognized for their choreographic works, collaborations, and performances with talent programs for youth, fundraisers, and fashion shows.

Unleash Your Inhibitions is a multi-displinary production for grown folks only. They entertain and heighten your senses with dance, poetry, fashion and music.

Check out Creative Soul Entertainment at www.facebook.com/creativesoulent

and her weekly podcast at www.blogtalkradio.com/unleashyourinhibitions


Morell Howard, Travel Consultant and Blogger

With 10+ years of travel experience specializing in pre and post travel, customized group and FIT tour planning, airline sales and lead agent with destination management companies working abroad. From cruises, weddings & honeymoons, sports and leisure events to wholesale & retail travel sales, I have done it all! I’ve also traveled extensively through many of the world’s tropical destinations.  My background also consists of international travel, festivals and anniversaries, business meetings and conferences, and global sporting events.  With my vast knowledge and tour planning expertise, I will be sure to “Make memories of a lifetime”  Check her out at https://preandposttraveltips.wordpress.com/

Tinnette Hemmons-Owner-Twisted Clay

Wearable polymer clay adornment and wall art.  Original. Funky. Afro-Centric, Stylish and Creative. Check out her statement art today!



Maune Stephanie Designs

One of a kind leather handbag and accessory designer. All works are original, unique and sexy. She sells leather handbags, , halters, ponchos, belts, cuffs, computer/ipad bags, etc.  find her on Facebook @MauneStephanie Designs



Dee Jay Alicia, DJ/Producer

Dee Jay Alicia, a Chicago native, is a DJ and Producer who specializes in House Music.  Her accomplishments include:

  • First female DJ to play at the “Expo for Today’s Black Woman” 2011
  • Received the break-Through House Music DJ Award
  • Voted DJ of the year 2011 by her peers and avid listeners of house music throughout Chicago
  • Featured in an article and on the Cover of the 2011 True Elegance Magazine
  • Received the "House Konnection" Achievement Award 2012
  • Chosen Few Music Festival Guest DJ 2016 and 2017

Check her out at www.deejayalicia.com

Dhi-Di, Make-up Artist and Owner of Jouet-Marquise Makeup, Inc.

Make-Up artist who specializes in special events, photo and video shoots  and special occasions. Contact her at lashesandlipgloss@yahoo.com

C.D. Farrow, Owner-After Effects Natural Skin Care Solutions

The founder, C. Dawn was inspired to create moisture intense natural products using only natural and organic butters and oils.  Free of mineral and petroleum oils, parabens, sulfates and drying alcohols, we only use natural products that replenish the skin with the needed vitamins and minerals it’s missing. After Affects also offers an exfoliating line of products that are gentle enough for even sensitive skin and can be used daily. Made from all natural butters and oils with just the right balance the hand whipped creamy smoothies add much needed conditioning to skin. The benefit of our natural ingredients means these sorbets don't leave a greasy residue or sit on your skin like most commercial moisturizing creams or oils who’s main ingredient is usually petroleum or mineral oil. These toxic ingredients that have been tested and proven in many studies to be harmful not only to your skin, but to your general health. After Affects Natural Skin Care Solutions offers moisturizing, exfoliating, and rejuvenating recipes prepared in the loving and meticulous manner of parents caring for their family. Everyone deserves healthy skin the natural way. After Affects is the future of natural skin health. Feel the difference our products make.

Find her products: www.theafteraffects.com

IG Theafteraffects
Twitter Theafteraffects


Mable Johnson, Bedroom Kandi Consultant

Offers a variety of products to bring sensual pleasures to you and your partner


Laressa Williams, Owner-My Humble Servant

My Humble Servant is an extra set of hands when you're pressed for time or simply out of energy for still to do errands. Let Us Humbly Serve You!