A Special Thank you to Survivors


Survivor Series: Closing Thoughts

Last year my heart led me to create a new blog series honoring women who have survived and thrived.  As a domestic violence survivor, I’ve learned the importance of telling your story.  The telling of our stories allows us to release and heal. They also have the power to touch and help another woman who may be dealing with her own battles.   I’m so incredibly proud of the women who bravely chose to share their stories with me this month.  It’s not easy to bear your soul, expose your pain and relive your journey from victim to survivor.  I thank each one of them for their courage and authenticity.

The #MeToo movement started by Tarana Burke was created for us (black women), yet as with so many other things, black women were being erased from the narrative.  Her movement serves as a reminder to me that our voices and our stories are needed now more than ever.  For this reason, the Survivor Series will remain a permanent part of my website.  I will continue accepting submissions from women who are willing to share their stories with me throughout the year.

We all have the right to heal, survive and thrive after traumatic events in our lives.  Our stories, experiences and our voices matter. The Sum of Many Things is committed to always being a safe space for women to share their stories on a platform free of judgement.  If you or someone you know is ready to share their story with us, please send an email to sumofmanythings@gmail.com.

As always,

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Take care of yourselves and one another

D. Sanders