Introduction to The Survivor Series!

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October is Domestic Violence and Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  In honor of this month, I want to celebrate our strength and our resilience as Women of Color.  Each one of us has a wound that was meant to break us and despite it all, we survived!   The Survivor series is a collection of stories written by women just like you and I. Stories filled with pain and trauma, transformation, strength, and healing.  In each of these stories, you will see women who found their inner strength and who chose to not only survive but thrive. 

It is my honor to present these stories to you this month. As you read them, I hope you are inspired to push through whatever is seeking to break you or keep you from achieving your God Given purpose and destiny.  I hope this inspires you to reach out and seek help from those who love you or those whose life’s work is to help those in need.  I want us all to remember how strong and resilient we are! The Sum of Many Things is a community of women dedicated to living better in every area of their lives.  We refuse to be confined or imprisoned by our circumstances but instead choose to bloom from wounded spaces. 


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Special thanks to each of the incredible and amazingly strong women who bravely wrote their truth and shared their stories.  Your transparency and willingness to be open and vulnerable will encourage others to do the same! If you have a story of survival to share, please send me an email at This project is so important to me and I believe will bring healing to those who share and those who read!  Join us in this powerful and important project today!

Keep surviving and Thriving!

D. Sanders